S1 E1 | The Daily Cure for a Heavy Heart

Released August 29, 2022 by Therapy and Theology


When we’ve been deeply hurt, whether by someone or by circumstances outside of our control, we often wonder if forgiveness is even possible. What if they never say they’re sorry? What if things will never feel “normal” again? Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled with these same questions.In this episode, you will hear from Lysa as well as Proverbs 31 Ministries Director of Theological Research Dr. Joel Muddamalle and Jim Cress, Lysa’s personal, licensed professional counselor. They'll equip you to …
Reconsider the misconceptions you've always believed about the forgiveness process, and discover seven truths — about what forgiveness is and isn't — that may surprise you. 
Let go of any bitterness holding you back from offering forgiveness to those who hurt you, and understand the necessity of daily confession.
Find hope in the losses that are unchangeable, or that feel unforgivable, by trusting in the character of God, even when you don’t understand what has been allowed by God. 
Recognize what codependency is and how it may be keeping you from setting the appropriate boundaries you need to ensure that you and your relationships are healthy.
A note from Proverbs 31 Ministries: This podcast contains content that might not be suitable for young children and may serve as a trigger due to circumstances in your past. Please see the links below if you need help finding a counselor.

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