S1 E5 | The Signs, Symptoms and Cures of Emotional Immaturity

Released August 29, 2022 by Therapy and Theology


If you want to become a doctor, you go to medical school. If you want to become a lawyer, you go to law school. But the truth is, no one sends us to school to become emotionally mature. However, if we want our relationships to be healthy and fruitful, emotional maturity is actually a key component we must be committed to work on continually in our lives.  Simply put, emotional maturity is emotional sobriety. It is living in such a way that our emotions are not swept up in traumas, triggers, coping mechanisms, addictions and more. In this episode of Therapy & Theology, Lysa TerKeurst; her personal, licensed professional counselor, Jim Cress; and Proverbs 31 Ministries Director of Theological Research Dr. Joel Muddamalle talk about the signs, symptoms and cures for emotional immaturity and how we can “Be alert and of sober mind” (1 Peter 5:8) to really experience the fulfillment found in healthy relationships, secured in emotional maturity.  After listening to this episode, you will be equipped to:
Apply healthy coping mechanisms in your reactions and responses when your emotions get hijacked by past or present trauma.
Learn the secret to experiencing the peace of Christ every single day by clothing yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Embrace the freeing truth and encouragement that a journey of growing in emotional maturity is not marked by perfection but by progress.

Friend, we pray this conversation blesses you with encouragement and practical wisdom wherever you are in your journey today!
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Here’s a list of some signs of emotional maturity or sobriety mentioned in this episode: Be committed to healthy habits, not unhealthy coping mechanisms. Operate in self-awareness, owning your stuff and taking responsibility for your actions without saying “but you …” and blaming. Express empathy. Admit your mistakes and confess them. Steer clear of judgment. Practice and enforce healthy boundaries. Seek first to understand before you’re understood; say, “Help me understand …”