Saving Aziz: How the Mission to Help One Became a Calling to Rescue Thousands

Released April 21, 2023 by Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson


According to American warrior and retired serviceman, Chad Robichaux, When God burdens our hearts to help His people, you don’t have a choice, you have to be obedient to what God is calling you to do! On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. Tim Clinton interviews Chad, a proud former Marine, and his Afghan interpreter, Aziz, to discuss the unique calling the Lord placed in both of their lives. In 2021, when the U.S. government announced that their military would be withdrawing from Afghanistan, Chad knew that he had to return and rescue Aziz and his family. What Chad did not know at that time was that the mission to save Aziz was going to be so much bigger than anything he could have imagined.

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