Legacy of Life: 50 Heroes of the Pro-Life Movement

Released June 26, 2023 by Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson


When Roe v. Wade crumbled to the ground on June 24, 2022, it was the beginning of the end of a decades-long battle. While the reversal of this wicked law was ruled through the Supreme Court, it was also thanks to the pro-life pioneers, past and present, some who are even deceased, who took a stand for the sanctity of human life. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. Tim Clinton interviews John Stemberger about his book, Legacy of Life: Honoring Fifty of the Greatest Pro-Life Leaders of the Last Fifty Years, an ode to those who helped make a post-Roe America possible, including our own Dr. James Dobson. Learn more about the giants within the pro-life movement, and why we must also stand to defend and protect the sanctity of life for mothers and their unborn babies for such a time as this.

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