Children and Stress - I

Released August 23, 2023 by Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson


Remember when you were a child and life was carefree? Sadly, today’s fast-paced and confusing culture has caused many children to experience inordinate amounts of stress. In this day and age, the world can heap so much anxiety and tension on a child that it can feel overwhelming. Learn about your son or daughter’s vulnerability to likely stress factors, from social media, to peer pressure, and even from their own parents. On this classic Family Talk broadcast, Dr. Dobson talks about childhood stress with renowned author and psychologist, the late Dr. Arch Hart. They examine the pressure on our kids and identify the various physical, emotional, and mental indicators of anxiety. Discover how setting up certain boundaries for your child can greatly decrease everyday stressors for him or her, as well as for yourself.

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