TSF Network: Welcome The Faithful Podcast! from That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs on MOR Music Podcasts

TSF Network: Welcome The Faithful Podcast!

Released January 26, 2022 by That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs


Let's start here: what's a podcast network? Well, the That Sounds Fun Network is an amusement park of podcasts created to entertain, impact, help and bless you and the people you love. So if you love TSF the show, we think and hope you'll love all the shows on the TSF Network.
We are deeply proud of the shows on the TSF Network, and we are very excited about the ones that will be joining in 2022!
Today we get to welcome another AMAZING show to the network - THE FAITHFUL PODCAST! The Faithful Podcast focuses on the Heart of God, seen through a woman's eyes. The Faithful Project is a gathering of female poets, songwriters, authors, and storytellers, who are creating a space together to dive into the stories of the ancient and mysterious women of the Word, and to learn and share about their own stories in the process. The podcast is amazing and we talk today to some of my favorite friends involved with it!
Go subscribe today! A new show launches TODAY and the first episode is ready for you RIGHT NOW and new episodes will release every Wednesday!
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