Summer Lovin': Sex + Dating with Kait & JJ Tomlin

Released June 15, 2023 by That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs


Today on the show is a thoughtful conversation around sex and dating with Kait and JJ Tomlin, hosts of The Heart of Dating Podcast. Navigating sexual desire and healthy boundaries when you are a single person of faith can be really challenging. It's also a really important part of being a human. We tackle some of your most asked questions like, how far is too far, is sex still just for marriage in 2023, and how do we handle shame for what we've done and/or what we haven't done? So many of us feel pain, shame, worry, frustration, and disconnect when it comes to our sexual lives. Our deepest hope is that today's episode will bring you hope and will start a conversation between you and your close people about how you are navigating your sexual life.
Be kind to yourself as you are listening. And, for our #miniBFFs, this show may be a bit grown-up for their little ears.
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