Build Your Board - A That Sounds Fun Podcast Series Coming Soon

Released September 25, 2023 by That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs


Have you considered having a “Board of Directors” for your life? The community you surround yourself with helps you grow as a person and grow in your relationship with God. And we want to help you figure out who you need right now and how to find them.
For the month of October, we’re hosting Build Your Board, a That Sounds Fun podcast series to help you find the voices you need for the life you want. We’re going to talk about finding friends as an adult, why counselors matter so much, how to find a mentor, why discipleship doesn’t have to be intimidating, and So. Much. More.
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Let’s Build Your Board. Because in a world of influencers, it is important that YOU decide who is influencing you.See for privacy information.