Annie + Eddie Recap 2016 - Episode 871

Released March 18, 2024 by That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs


We’re taking things back to 2016 with our good buddy, Eddie Kaufholz. If you missed the news, each month this year, in honor of our 10th Anniversary of That Sounds Fun Podcast, Eddie and I will be reviewing each year the podcast has existed. We’re going to talk about what happened in the world, the top songs and movies, and what happened in our own lives…this is going to be an adventure back to all the things we forgot and all the memories that have stuck with us too. These conversations are WILD. If you love the Olympics, SNL, or Adele, I think you're going to love this episode.
Listen to the first time Eddie was on That Sounds Fun Podcast. Episode 21: Eddie Kaufholz.
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