Authentic Longevity w/ Jemell White

Released September 8, 2021 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


Description: In this episode, SJR connects with Jamell White, who shared her testimony of God’s grace in grief & Sis, W.E. felt that for somebody! Bruising her heel, tragedy changed the way Jamell walks as a mom, in her profession, and with God—but it didn’t keep our girl from crushin’ it! Discover how obedience & transformation is rooted in the longevity of her vision with #TaylorsWorld. Then, meet us in the comments to discuss an exit strategy for the boss babes, tips on blending families, and finding your tribe in business. Email to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Listeners can seek grief counseling at + take the stress out of mealtime with