Delicacy of Sisterhood w/ Lori Roberts

Released June 1, 2022 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


Sis, ain’t no hood like the one W.E. got! All month long, the Delegation is invited to embrace sisterhood in a REVOLUTIONARY way. Ever wondered what happens when women set aside their differences for the greater good? Chile, a bona fide miracle! Read up on the homies Rachel & Leah. Then check out this week’s episode as SJR & Lori Roberts spill the tea on their relationship dynamic. Yep, W.E. went there! Both offer unique perspectives on the delicacy it took to blend a family, find common ground, and honor one another's journey. ISSA piping hot convo you don't wanna miss! Sponsors alert—Waistline...WHERE? Stressed...WHO? Freeennn, pull up on + for customized healthcare plans to meet your dietary & mental health needs. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!