Seasons of Sisterhood w/ Tommye and Yvette Williams

Released June 8, 2022 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


Speaking of #SisterGoals, our guest co-hosts have been in the game for a long time. They're giving ride or die, Ruth & Naomi, 'till the wheels fall off—ENERGY! Straight outta PT's village, W.E. received the love and loyalty that is Tommye and Yvette Williams! The sister-duo sit down with SJR to reflect on their sibling relationship over the years. Whether miles apart, transitioning into a new role, or going through a rough season, trust in God kept them connected by heart. Drippin' with wisdom & perspective, this episode is bound to empower your sisterhood through ANY season…even when y’all getting on each other's nerves! So, stop what you're doing & learn how these two QUEENS are revolutionaries in their own right! Stream for our latest series From Broke To Hope + Visit for a digital marketplace to meet your healthcare needs.