Longevity in Sisterhood w/ B. Simone and Megan Brooks

Released June 29, 2022 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


When it comes to sisterhood, just know—the Delegation ain’t new to this, W.E. true to this! So, when God slides a bestie in your life who’s ready to square up for the revolution…tag team & OVERTHROW with her! This week, SJR explores the long-standing friendship between comedienne, actress, and boss babe B. Simone and her business partner, Megan Brooks. Their relationship is proof that in our sameness W.E connect, but in our differences W.E. evolve! Sis, press PLAY & learn how to nurture another woman’s seed. Keep kickin’ it with our homegirls by subscribing to linktr.ee/KnowForSurePod + following @KnowForSurePod for weekly conversations on self-discovery! This episode is sponsored by ShipStation.com + BetterHelp.com/Evolve + Noom.com/Evolve.