Presence of Persecution w/ LeToya Luckett

Released September 14, 2022 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


Chile, leave it to LeToya Luckett to gather the girls while keepin’ it all the way TRILL! As a singer and actress who grew up in the public eye, Sis was exposed to criticism early on. In this episode, She & SJR chopped it up about the insecurities that come from using their gifts. So, if that’s your testimony, tap-tap-tap-in! But one thing for certain & two things for sure, when it comes to a life that pleases God…the Delegation gone step in the face of persecution EVERYTIME—‘cause W.E. gotta be about our Father's business! Hey YOU, chill with us this Friday (9/16) night for a Woman Thou Art Loosed Master Class #Replay + Register for the WTAL 2022 Virtual Experience at This week our sponsors are serving a chef’s kiss from Caraway & biblical meditations through the Abide app. Check ‘em out!