Wet Wood Still Burns w/ Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Released January 4, 2023 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


It’s a NEW year, SAME God kinda vibe! And Delegation, W.E. couldn’t have made it without your support. In 2023, we’re coming in hot with a flame of hope! So, let’s run it back to a fiery lesson our girl SJR taught at The Potter’s House of Dallas. W.E. wanna know, who’s all been rained on by the storms of life? To the point you forgot what it looks like to be on fire for God? Well chile, W.E. are crazy enough to believe that wet wood STILL burns—despite the divorce, the depression, the sin, the shame! Sis, this is your opportunity to trust God again, but to believe in Him differently. Now gone, drag those hips and your wet wood to the feet of Jesus! Rumor has it NEW podcast episodes will be dropping soon, so stick around! Wanna co-host or need advice? Then shoot your shot at podcast@womanevolve.com! This show is brought to you by BetterHelp online therapy & Abide biblical meditations.