Defeating Self-Sabotage w/ Taylor Madu

Released June 7, 2023 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


This month on the podcast, prepare to R E I G N I T E a flame of hope! Guest co-host, Taylor Madu, provides good insight on how to fill the voids in our life. As a wife, mom, and co-pastor, she explained how to overcome self-defeating behaviors by getting out of our own way. In a breathtakingly beautiful testimony, Taylor revealed to SJR that nothing can separate her from the love of Jesus and W.E. believe it. Not teenage pregnancy, parental substance abuse, failure, nor shame! Sis, are you willing to break covenant with dysfunction? If so, this episode was made for you. A gentle reminder of what it means to be covered by grace! Stop what you’re doing and hit up + download the BetterSleep app + sign up for—these are the perfect pick-me-ups your summer needs!