Bet on Yourself w/ Tamron Hall

Released March 27, 2024 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


One thing for certain and two things for sure —today’s guest wouldn’t change nothing for her journey now! The powerhouse known as Tamron Hall links up with SJR, and tells listeners how a job loss propelled her into making the bold move of betting on herself and becoming a nationally syndicated talk show host. But can you imagine holding a position of authority and being diminished because you’re a woman? While sharing how power shows up in her home life, Tamron spills tea on the greatest love story ever told! Trust, you’ll want to hear it. But Sis, when will you start owning what you want, by speaking it into the world? They say closed mouths don’t get fed, so open your mouth! Learn more about the “Watch Where They Hide” book tour at
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