The Power of Ambiguity w/ Dr. Anita Phillips

Released April 3, 2024 by Woman Evolve with Sarah Jakes Roberts


Ladies, how y'all feel? Fellas, y'all alright? SJR says there's great power in emotional awareness, so W.E. begin this episode by dabbling with the feelings wheel. Followed by an intimate conversation with Trauma Therapist, Life Coach, Minister, and New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Garden Within”, Dr. Anita Phillips! In a moment of vulnerability, SJR asked what God is teaching Dr. Anita as it relates to power, and let's just say that Sis is standing on business by cultivating uncertainty into excitement. The gag is...her testimony is the VERY reason why you should surrender to believing God's narrative for your life. 'Cause if your story ain't authored by Him, then W.E. suggest you snatch the pen back! Our advice question is for those of you living in the overflow, plus the Saints wanna know if the homie Judas deserves to be rescued. To reclaim your power, swing by + to join us this April for the book launch!See for privacy information.