Saints and Sinners from Passion City Church with Pastor Louie Giglio on MOR Music Podcasts

Saints and Sinners

Released May 21, 2019 by Passion City Church with Pastor Louie Giglio


The power of genetics is happening right before your eyes. You can deny it or try and beat it all you want, but eventually, we all begin to look more and more like our parents. This is the normal outcome of growing older. Here's what is also true; You have the potential to grow up and look like your Heavenly Father. In appearance and attitude, we become what we model ourselves on, and in the same way, we can become versions of our Earthly parents, we can, by the power of the Holy Spirit, become more and more like Jesus.
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In Not Forsaken, Pastor Louie Giglio invites us to understand the character of God in a life-changing way: as a perfect Father who wants you to live under the waterfall of His blessing. You see, God is not the bigger version of your earthly dad, He’s the perfect version of your earthly dad. And He’s inviting you to walk in freedom as His loved son or daughter.
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