You Can't Idolize Your Success OR Your Brokenness | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Released September 5, 2022 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie flips the script and sits down to be interviewed by her best friend, Live Original president Stephanie Vander Molen. Sadie reveals a fun hidden talent, describes what it takes to keep up her spiritual walk when life is so busy, and shares what she's learned about fighting for friendships, how to bounce back from low points, and why you can't be consumed by your success OR your brokenness. Sadie and Steph offer so much encouragement to help you to maintain a soft heart, let go of resentments, and realize that even in seasons of anxiety and stress, God is closer than you think. Friends, living authentically in each moment is the greatest blessing in your life. — Get 25% OFF your premium subscription for a limited time!
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