Courage & Faith to Do What No One Else Has Done Before | Sadie Robertson Huff & Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone

Released November 9, 2022 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


It's not every day Sadie gets to speak with a world record holder and Sydney McLaughlin just set the world record for the 400-meter hurdles in 50.68 seconds. Sydney reflects on the race, saying it was only with courage and faith in God that she was able to accomplish what no one else had before her. Sydney and Sadie both talk about how no one can do it all alone and why community is so important for every single person. Sydney is also a newlywed and shares how she met her husband, their love for their local church, and how he was a specific answer to her prayers during the COVID lockdowns. Plus, how does Sydney manage to stay genuine, humble, and God-glorifying on social media? Sadie also asks for any how-to-run advice Sydney would give to the not-yet-running folks ... like Sadie. — Get a FREE full custom 3D design of your kitchen right now!
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