How to Not Tap Out When Things Get Hard | Sadie Robertson Huff & Nick Vujicic

Released January 11, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Nick Vujicic, known as the man without limbs, is living proof that God can use a man born without arms and legs to be His hands & feet in the world. Sadie and Nick talk about staying humble and how an attitude of gratitude is one of the best ways to pull yourself out of a dark, even depressed season. Nick shares his struggles with depression and loneliness and how being bullied when he was a kid led to believing the lie that he should take his own life. Thankfully, he wasn't successful and his mission now through his organization, Life Without Limbs, is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible. The next time you want to tap out because it's too hard, start counting your blessings, naming them one by one, and remember that Christ didn't call us to an easy life, but to love God, love others, and share the good news to everyone! – Get $15 off your purchase right now! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! or text PURPOSE to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift!
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