Our Best Advice on BANGS, Being Suddenly Single & College | Sadie Robertson Huff & Korie Robertson

Released January 23, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie & Korie are back, and y'all, they have BANGS! Korie is back to share a TON of advice on all the things — whether it's starting college and you don't vibe with your roommate yet (or at all), being broke with no plan as a married couple, finding yourself suddenly single, and the blessings of hospitality, not just for those who attend, but for the host too! Sadie shares a story about her childhood and encourages us to not be too quick to complain about not feeling settled or having community if you're not taking the time to plant roots — you'll never get the tree unless you stay and nourish the ground! Plus, how are you stewarding your friendships, even as seasons change? Sadie reiterates that not every friend in your life will be your best friend, but that doesn't mean they can't be good friends! And don't miss Korie's tale of a train trip through Europe and Willie chasing down a thief on the train, jumping from car to car. 

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