Wait for the Man Who Will Be INTENTIONAL in Pursuing You! | Sadie Rob Huff | Jason & Lauren Kennedy

Released January 25, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie loves her new friends Jason and Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, who are nothing if not REAL. As a couple, they are so much fun! Not only do they have a great story of how they started dating, but they keep each other laughing every day, through the good times and bad. Lauren opens up about the devastating accident where she lost her arm and eye and how God has redeemed, healed, and made beautiful what she was so scared to show the world. She shares a particularly vulnerable moment she had with Jason when they were dating, and, well, you'll need some tissues! Lauren and Sadie talk about facing their fears when it comes to outward beauty, encouraging us to live OUT those fears and then be amazed at how much more freedom you'll experience on the other side. Plus, Jason has the secret for not caring what other people think of you. And Lauren wants every girl to wait for a man who will intentionally pursue her — what a difference it makes! And they all agree: Do NOT rush the process!  

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