The Prosperity Gospel Is NOT the Answer to an Abundant Life | Sadie Robertson Huff & Jimmy Darts

Released February 8, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Holy buckets, y'all are going to love this conversation! Jimmy Darts is a self-described "CRAZY PERSON." He's full of joy, well-known for his generosity with strangers, and he loves Jesus so much. Sadie and Jimmy talk about the true test of integrity and how one of the best compliments they receive is that they're the same in their videos as in real life. Jimmy recounts one of the best stories of his "random" act of generosity, and Sadie talks about how his videos have inspired her and Christian to be more generous. Sadie encourages Jimmy that his heart for people — not just video views — is what makes what he's doing so engaging and powerful. Plus, Jimmy reveals the moment he gave his life to the Lord, why he feels complete freedom in following Christ, and how that informs all of his interactions with strangers when he's looking to be generous. Don't just build a platform — love people!

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