An Honest Conversation About Sex — What the Church Gets Wrong About Purity and Shame

Released February 20, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Everyone talks about it, and yet it's not talked about enough! Sadie recalls the first time she learned about sex (after hearing the word "sexy" during an episode of SYTYCD!) and the many hours of follow-up questions she had for her mom, Korie. They discuss the beauty of sex, and they reject the lies in our culture that sex can be meaningless or destroy your purity. Sadie takes a closer look at all *those* analogies you might have heard in church, youth group, or even in Christian school. Wherever you are and whatever you've done in your past — or whatever has been done to you — Sadie and Korie encourage us that we are all made clean before God when we repent and trust in Him and accept His love and grace. God's design for sex is possible for ANYONE in a loving covenant marriage. — Get 40% off + 3 FREE towels with code WHOA at checkout!
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