How to Stay Above Your Fears & Remember God's Got You! | Sadie Robertson Huff & Katie Davis Majors

Released March 22, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


What if we could keep a God's-eye view of our lives — that no matter how scary or painful a situation might be, coming up ahead of us is a break and some peace? Sadie's guest, Katie Davis Majors, was reminded of this truth in a particularly harrowing experience she had while swimming in the Nile River. Katie was 18 when she first traveled to Uganda for a mission trip, and she ended up staying for many years, starting a charity, meeting her husband, and adopting 13 girls! Katie and her family — including 2 boys now! — just recently moved back to the United States, a decision that wasn't easy and one that Katie didn't initially understand. Katie encourages anyone wondering what they're going to do with their life that God is way more concerned with who you'll BE than what you'll DO. Start focusing on who God's called you to be! And don't discount the experiences you're having right now, wherever you are in your life — you have no idea what God is preparing you for! Sadie and Katie talk about the importance of sisterhood and how, whether they're biological, adopted, or even best friends, the blessings of sisters are an amazing picture of God's love for us. — Get 20% off plus FREE shipping with code WHOA! — Get your application fee WAIVED when you start your future with Liberty University today! — Get 75% off your first box!
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