How to Know God MORE | Sadie Robertson Huff & Emma Mae McDaniel

Released May 1, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie remembers the first time she noticed Emma Mae McDaniel radiating joy — and it hasn't stopped radiating for 10 years! Emma is the host of the "Have You Heard?" podcast, she's a wife, an expectant mother, and she says her biggest goal for anyone in her audience, or whomever she meets day to day, is to help them personally know God. Emma recalls a life-changing moment — and her pursuit of God, loving Him and knowing more about Him every day in His Word has revolutionized her whole life! Emma says that there are some days when she doesn't always "feel like" reading her Bible and showing happiness to others, but it's because she WANTS to obey the Lord and her love for Him isn't dependent on how she feels day to day. Sadie and Emma have both struggled with feeling the need to be perfect, and how exhausting that can be — but isn't it freeing to know that God isn't interested in our attempt at perfection? Plus, Sadie and Emma talk about the very real fear parents have about bringing children into a dark world, but don't let the worry stop you, rather, take a closer look at what your child is receiving, learning, and observing in your home. That's the best counter to anything they might see in the world! or text WHOA to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift!
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