How to Find Your Passion & Let Go of Fear | Sadie Rob Huff & Bethany Hamilton

Released May 3, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Bethany Hamilton is DONE with letting fear hold her back. Sadie and Bethany talk about many moments of fear in their lives and how claiming God's promises, replacing mental patterns with Scripture and things that are TRUE is one of the best ways they've found to fight it. Bethany's had to overcome a lot of fear in her life — from a terrifying shark attack that cost her an arm, to choosing to get back in the water, to being catapulted into the spotlight and suddenly becoming a public person where the world could see her life, and even when she first found she was expecting her first child — but she overcame and didn't let the fear win! Bethany encourages us all to find practical ways of being an unstoppable force in our own lives: Find a passion that gets you off social media and gets you pumped for life! Plus, Bethany and Sadie talk about the importance of family and how intentional parenting and loving your family is its own gift and reward and why prioritizing your family is the best way to navigate all the uncertainties, stresses, and unknowns we'll face in our lives. — Get up to $30 off on Aura’s best-selling frames when you use code WHOA at checkout! — Get Bethany's free video "How to Thrive In Every Season" 
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