Here's What To Do When Your Anxiety Spirals | Korie Robertson & Rebekah Lyons

Released June 7, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Rebekah Lyons is a speaker, author, mother of four, and a podcast host with her husband Gabe. Rebekah joins Korie to share her five rules for not just overcoming anxiety but why steering INTO anxiety helps us build up resilience in our lives. Don't RUN from anything that makes you afraid, rather learn how to not let it control and override your entire life. Korie shares how she worked with Sadie on knowing when she was having an anxiety attack and how to work through it. Rebekah talks about why she started focusing on becoming resilient in her life and pursuing a journey of emotional health with the Lord. Plus, why do we feel the instinct to pull away when relationships get too intimate or too personal? And how can we encourage each other to be ourselves and be human, even though we want to show only the best versions of ourselves? Rebekah shares one moment and one phrase uttered to her husband that changed her life — and she encourages us ALL to not be afraid to name our pain! We can't begin healing if we haven't named the pain in our hearts and minds! And how can we retrain our brain and be more aware of what — and Who — we're agreeing with in our darker moments? Rebekah's book "Building a Resilient Life" is available now! 

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