How to Forgive Yourself & Be Free From Shame | Korie Robertson & 'Auntie' Anne Beiler

Released July 26, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Everyone has seen "Auntie Anne's" — and probably even tried one or two pretzels at some point — but today Korie is pleased to introduce you to the woman who created it all, Anne Beiler! Anne recalls her beginnings in the business world in the Amish community where she grew up and why she eventually started the first "Auntie Anne's" pretzel shop. Anne shares about her many years of darkness after she lost her daughter in a horrific accident, then suffered abuse at the hands of a trusted pastor. Anne encourages anyone going through a dark time that telling someone who is trustworthy about it is the first step to freedom and releasing the tight grip of shame and despair. Don't stay too long in the world of secrets! Anne asks us all to consider what it is that keeps us where we are, stuck in darkness and shame and once we've identified it, change it! God sees us in our struggle, He has a purpose and a plan for us, and He wants us to live in the light! A phrase she repeats to herself — and repeats for us is: Life is hard. God is good. Don't confuse the two! Anne's cookbook, "Come to the Table," is available now! — Get 20% off plus FREE shipping with code WHOA! — Get 50% off your first month plus FREE shipping with code SADIEROB! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix!
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