A Bag of Cash & What 1,000 Women Just Did at LO Sister Conference 2023 | Sadie Rob Huff

Released September 27, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Midnight runs to the airport to a bag of cash in a lost & found, 1,000 women answering an altar call and 300 baptisms — Sadie and Korie are sharing ALL the stories of what they thought, felt, witnessed and heard during LO Conference 2023! Sadie relives one of the craziest moments when a woman she'd never met came up to her and reaffirmed a word from God that Sadie had been pondering hours earlier. And a phrase kept coming up all through the weekend: "Doesn't this feel like summer camp?" The Lord moved in some amazing and mighty ways and you'll be blessed hearing about a truly memorable 2023 LO conference! 

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