What You Don’t Know about the Other Side of My Family | Sadie Robertson Huff | 2Mama & 2Papa

Released October 4, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie welcomes her grandparents, Johnny & Chrys Howard, also known as 2Papa & 2Mama. They delve into the history of the Howard family, which is more interesting and impactful than most people realize! 2Mama and 2Papa share advice on how to make marriage last for 52 years and counting, as they have, and explore the legacy of entrepreneurship and faith on both sides of Sadie’s family. Fans of "Duck Dynasty" will be delighted to learn how much of that show's success began with the Howards' business too! Sadie & Christian's book "How to Put Love First" is available now! https://bit.ly/46C0hyH

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