How Laughing Can Save You From Some BIG Arguments! | Sadie Robertson Huff

Released October 16, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie and Grace Taylor LOVE to laugh together and they both want to know: Why WOULDN'T you laugh at a fart? It's free, they're hilarious — especially when they're a surprise — so laugh away! Grace and her husband are expecting their first child and she has a great strategy for keeping her worrying in check: give yourself a set amount of time to do all the worrying, but then speak Scripture over it, remind yourself of God's truths, and give it all to the Lord! Sadie and Grace have some great encouragement for anyone who feels like celebrating their friends in their good times is just too difficult — we've all been there, trying to be happy for friends who are experiencing things you want for your own life, but there's a new way to think about it. And on the flip-side, bearing one another's burden IS a burden, but if they're really our friends, we need to walk beside them and support them in whatever season we're in! — Get 20% OFF AND 2 free pillows! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get 30% OFF your first delivery and FREE veggies for life!
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