How to CELEBRATE Your Friend's Success Rather than Feel Competitive | Sadie Rob Huff & CAIN

Released October 30, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie is SO excited to make two new friends (who also happen to be sisters!) in this week's very fun episode. Taylor Cain Matz and Madison Cain Johnson are two-thirds of the CAIN trio and are just as fun and full of life in-person as they are on-stage and in their music videos. With massive hits like "Rise Up (Lazarus)" and "I'm So Blessed," the sisters reflect on how they almost quit music entirely after five years of trying to make it in country music and getting nowhere - even losing money! Sadie wants to know what touring is like with infants and toddlers and how is it working & living so closely together on and off the road. The CAIN sisters challenge us to trust God when He's called you to something — He'll make a way and equip you! Madison and Taylor remember when they found out they were expecting at the same time which has Sadie recalling how she found out she was pregnant with Honey a few minutes before a big interview! And don't miss a great word of encouragement from all three women about choosing to celebrate your sisters and friends rather than feeling the need to compete! Listen or download CAIN's album, "Jesus Music" here: — Become part of this community TODAY! Join 80,000 Christian households across the nation sharing $30 million in medical needs every month. — Get 30% OFF your first delivery and FREE veggies for life! — Get $20 off your purchase of a Hatch Restore plus free shipping!
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