Honey's Storytelling Skills, Fashion Hacks & Instagram Stress | Sadie Rob Huff | Bella Mayo | Rebecca Loflin

Released November 13, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


After 7 years, Sadie, Bella and Rebecca are FINALLY recording a follow-up conversation together and a lot has changed for all of them since their last interview: vocabulary, Instagram trends (who remembers #ManCrushMondays?) fashion and Bella's braces! And with 7 years of change have also come 7 years of more wisdom, more life experiences (marriage, children, homeowners) and giving themselves more freedom to choose what they want to invest time and effort into. Bella confesses the real reason for taking an intentional step away from Instagram. Sadie doesn't understand why she sees so many Instagram feeds that are scrubbed of any cringe pics. Rebecca and Sadie talk about traveling with kids and they all laugh about a certain story Honey's been sharing with everyone lately. The three sisters share fashion advice (high-low) and they encourage us to all stop the comparison game. And Bella still doesn't understand one thing people often say to her. 

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