What My Mom & Dad Learned When They Were First Married | Sadie, Willie & Korie

Released November 27, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


It's a mini Robertson family reunion ... sorta! ... but mostly finding out what Korie's REALLY like when she's driving her car. Then get ready for some practical advice that mightsound easy, but will take discipline and intentionality! Sadie's parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, join her for a conversation about gratitude which goes hand-in-hand with living a life of generosity. Willie and Korie talk about their early days of their marriage when they didn't have a lot but from that grew a spirit of being generous and open-handed with everything God gave them. Wilie remembers one night in particular when Korie had to learn a difficult lesson about how cash-poor they really were. And Wilie challenges us to start every day avoiding the trap of negativity. And are we thankful for the WRONG things in our life? You'll be encouraged and convicted in this special family episode! 

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