What You Didn't See on 'Duck Dynasty' | Sadie Robertson Huff, Jase Robertson & Mia Robertson

Released December 6, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie's Uncle Jase & her cousin Mia Robertson make their "Whoa That's Good" podcast debut and right away, Mia has a question for Jase about his Instagram account. Mia can't wait to ditch her smartphone when she studies abroad, but Sadie makes the case why Mia needs to return to Instagram when she's back. Jase shares what's been hardest for him and his wife, Missy, as they have walked through Mia's many surgeries, setbacks, and doctor's appointments since the time she was born with a cleft palate — and now why it's been so important for their family to help support other families with children with cleft palates. Sadie is stunned to hear how much pain Mia was in after one big surgery. Sadie and Mia talk about the shift when they both started speaking out publicly about their faith and Mia admits she used to be too embarrassed to share spiritual things, but now she carries her Bible with her wherever she goes — just like her dad. Jase is moved to tears remembering Mia's piano playing in the upcoming Christmas episode of "Duck Family Treasure," which he says is the most special sharing of the Gospel he's ever seen on cable TV. Look for this episode December 8 on Fox Nation and December 17 on Fox News. And to learn more about Mia Moo visit: https://miamoo.org/

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