The BEST Advice for Staying Faithful to God In Different Seasons | Sadie, Christian & John Luke

Released December 20, 2023 by WHOA That's Good with Sadie Robertson


Sadie is joined by Christian and her brother John Luke to dive into the best pieces of advice that were shared on the podcast this past year! You'll hear incredible nuggets of wisdom from Nick Vujicic, Jason and Lauren Kennedy, Katie Davis Majors, Donna Stuart, Earl McClellan, Bethany Hamilton, Mia Fieldes, Jackie Hill Perry, and Jase and Mia Robertson. And y'all need to give yourself grace when you see those old Facebook or Instagram posts from 10+ years ago — you've changed! You're not who you were! And Christian has a particularly embarrassing story that even Sadie hadn't heard before. It was a great year of Whoa That's Good and we're so grateful you've joined us for the journey! Looking forward to all that's ahead in 2024! — Get 20% off plus free shipping when you use code WHOA at checkout! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3K2 & 5 FREE AG1 travel packs with your first purchase! — Get $20 off your purchase of a Hatch Restore 2 plus free shipping! — Get $30 off Aura’s best-selling frames when you use code WHOA at checkout!
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