Build Your Resistance

Released April 14, 2021 by Communion House with Moses Anderson


Each of our individual endurance or personal stamina comes from our actioned practice or perseverance. They take hold via 'increase' i.e. be it by heading to the gym, or forming those new habits, perhaps even setting new boundaries or changing our lifestyle in said effort. Be it physical, societal or indeed occupational - we all endeavor to make changes for our betterment - but are we as vigilant in that process regards to regards our spiritual and mental wellbeing? It's time to Build our Resistance by addressing the most foundational matter of utmost importance so much so it's a matter of life and death; it's time to grow and increase in who we are in Christ Jesus and all He says about Who We Are. Tune into this very timely teaching from Pastor Moses Anderson as he unpackages how we can 'Build Your Resistance'. Thanks for tuning in, don't forget to subscribe for more On Demand content!