The Power of Anticipation from Communion House with Moses Anderson on MOR Music Podcasts

The Power of Anticipation

Released September 8, 2021 by Communion House with Moses Anderson


That which we anticipate, or what we look forward to is often something we give added attention and a lot more due concern too. This influence can be so far reaching that it can affect or mood, preparation and reactions to every waking moment, from the mundane to the extraordinary. When you consider the Lord Jesus Christ's return? What affect does the mere mention of this have upon your psyche? Are you filled with anticipation or is it perhaps dread and bewilderment - there's definitely a correct way to look to His coming and how that should activate us and the former is definitely the correct mode! Join Pastor Moses Anderson, Lead Pastor at Communion House as he tackles this very subject with poise and studied expertise alerting us again to that we should look to His coming in full joy and anticipation. Thanks for tuning in, don't forget to subscribe for more On Demand content!