How to Look Up When Things Look Down | Sunday Message from Greg Laurie Podcast on MOR Music Podcasts

How to Look Up When Things Look Down | Sunday Message

Released February 27, 2022 by Greg Laurie Podcast


During crises or setbacks, we don’t have to lose hope. In this Sunday episode, Pastor Greg Laurie gives us reason to trust God’s plan for our lives. Glean assurance from this timely message!


Have you ever been in a situation that looked utterly hopeless?

Paul and Silas saw the hand of God in the darkest of places and praised Him.

Sometimes God closes a door and opens another.

The Lord directed Paul and Silas through a vision.

The Lord opened Lydia’s heart.

God is in control of a Christian’s life.

A Christian can rejoice in the most difficult circumstances.

The people reached by Paul and Silas in this chapter:

Lydia – the designer

The Slave Girl – the demon-possessed “snake” girl

The Roman Jailer – a military man

The Jailor asked, “What must I do to be saved?”

Scripture Referenced

Psalm 42:8


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