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The Almost Christian | Sunday Message

Released May 1, 2022 by Greg Laurie Podcast


In this episode, Pastor Greg Laurie talks about what it means to be an “almost” Christian. Although some pray, attend church, and get baptized, it’s still possible they’re not truly Christian—there’s more to it. Learn more from a powerful exchange in the book of Acts between the apostle Paul and King Agrippa. 


“Almost” is a word that is often coupled with procrastination.

Herod the Great tried to kill Jesus. 

Herod Antipas was responsible for beheading John the Baptist.

The son of Herod Antipas slew James the apostle and imprisoned Simon Peter.

Herod Agrippa was moved by Paul’s powerful and persuasive message.

A person may pray and still not really be a Christian.

Polls show that 9 in 10 Americans pray.

A person may make visible changes in their life and still not be a Christian.

You can hear the gospel and believe it and still not be a Christian. 

You can keep the commandments of God from childhood and still not be a Christian. 

Paul showed us how to effectively communicate the gospel. 

When possible, find common ground and build a bridge to your listener. 

Paul used his personal testimony to build that bridge. 

Two big steps must be taken to become a real Christian, not an “almost Christian.”
You need to have your “eyes opened.”
You need to “turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God.” 

There is a difference between repentance and remorse.

Remorse is being sorry you got caught.

Repentance is being sorry enough to stop what you're doing and change your behavior.

God gives us forgiveness of our sins. 

God gives us an inheritance.

Paul preached Christ crucified and risen.  

It is not enough to just be exposed to truth; we must act on it.

God wants each of us to share the gospel.

As we share His message, we should try to build bridges not burn them.


B — build a bridge

L — lovingly enter their world

A — ask questions

S — share your testimony

T — tell them about Jesus 

Only God can open the spiritual eyes of the listener.

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