Revival & the Sanctity of Life

Released October 27, 2020 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


It is likely that every true Christian would desire God-sent revival if they thought long enough about the possibility. Who among us would not wish to witness mass salvations, widescale miraculous healings, open deliverance from demonic strongholds put on display, or a fresh outpouring of signs and wonders through the power of Holy Spirit? We would all desire to be a witness to these things that characterized the Church in the Book of Acts. The question that needs to be answered first is, "Are we ready to steward such an outpouring from God?" God will likely withhold revival on the grand scale until His people are hungry, humble, unified and purified. There are current barriers to revival coming to the Church in America that must first be addressed. This podcast highlights one of the most significant demonic strongholds that is very much apparent among those who consider themselves Jesus-followers. This stronghold is anchored in the American Christian's willingness to embrace the philosophy and practice of abortion. What is God's heart toward the practice of abortion? Is there anything from Scripture that might serve to indicate how God will deal with us as it pertains to abortion? Does the Bible clearly address the issue or is it truly as confusing as our culture portrays it? This is NOT a political issue. This is a topic that either exalts God or diminishes God in the eyes of those who are looking to the Church to take a position. Take the time to listen to Jeff Lyle walk us through the issues surrounding abortion, and then personally answer the only essential question: Do I believe God and stand with God on this issue of abortion and the sanctity of life? If we can come to agreement on this issue in the American Church, we have cleared a massive hurdle in our pursuit of awakening and revival.