Revival & the Call to Honor

Released November 3, 2020 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


When Jesus assumed the role of the lowest household servant by washing the feet of the disciples, He left us an example. He told the disciples that they could not comprehend in the moment what exactly He was doing when He washed their feet. He promised them that they would understand later as they followed His example by intentionally humbling themselves and showing honor to each other.  So, what does Jesus want Christians today to learn about humility, serving others and showing honor to each other? How do we wash each other’s feet in this current season of hostility and division? Who among us is willing to follow the vulnerable example of the King who served in the lowliest way? When we take the time to consider in depth the great differences between the disciples whose feet Jesus washed that day, we can understand the richness of His present call for us to show honor to one another - especially those who are very different from us in the Body of Christ. God honors those who honor others. At some point, He will call us to show honor to those with whom we have great differences. This message shows us what that looks like. Reference: John 13:1-7; Luke 6:14-16