Revival & Refusing to Give In to Weariness

Released November 5, 2020 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


When you received Jesus as Lord over your life, there was one component that He made a permanent reality without asking for your input. Jesus made you a SOLDIER in His army. That’s right, none of us come into the Kingdom without also being drafted into the Army of God. So, the question is not IF we will fight but, rather, when and how we will fight.  Spiritual warfare is a constant activity in the life of all Jesus-followers. Satan and his demons are not unclear on the reality of the battle. They are a committed host and never take go on leave. Though the final outcome has already been decided, each Christian is called to take territory for the King while also defending territory that the enemy seeks to reclaim from us. This constant warfare can be both exhausting and isolating - especially when so many Christians have gone AWOL and we are tempted to wonder if we are fighting alone. This message features an obscure Old Testament warrior whose example in fighting the enemy can help us remain in the fight, crush our enemy and bring God all of the glory…even if we find ourselves fighting alone. Weariness is real. The battle can be exhausting. Yet, for those who refuse to give in to that weariness, there awaits an amazing outcome. Reference: 2nd Samuel 23:9-10