Spiritual Gifts: Green Lights & Guardrails

Released November 26, 2020 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


God gives the Church the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of building up others in the faith. The gifts are ministry tools, not ministry tricks. We not only need to seek, receive and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we need to do so in a way that always seeks to benefit others and bring honor to God. Because of major misuse and abuse of the gifts among Charismatics, many Christians have turned their backs on the potential to walk in the supernatural gifting of the Holy Spirit. Yet, the misuse of the gifts must never become the disuse of the gifts. We have a green light from Heaven to walk in the power and gifts of God the Spirit. Yet, there are also guardrails that come with those green lights. We are told how to use the gifts when the Church is gathered together. In this episode, Jeff addresses the need for those who practice the gifts of the Spirit to tighten up how these gifts are employed through our lives. The Charismatic circus is not the proper display of the gifts of the Spirit. We owe a debt of love to all people to seek the gifts, receive the gifts and to employ the gifts as the Scriptures outline for us. Nobody wants to quench the moving of the Spirit, but nor do we ever want to bring dishonor to Him by carelessly treating His tools as toys. Topics: tongues, prophecy; order in the Church; Holy Spirit manifestations; flesh; More resources from Jeff Lyle are available at TransformingTruth.org Reference: 1 Corinthians 12, 13 & 14