Practical Guidance for Using Your Spiritual Gifts

Released December 10, 2020 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


All of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are supernatural giftings. They are not the same as natural talents or learned skills. While talent and skill can be used by God, they are never a substitute for the charismata (grace gifts from the Spirit). You have spiritual gifts if you are saved. Having gifts that are uniquely given to you by God the Spirit, you are called to be using them. In this episode, Jeff walks us through a few verses in Romans 12 wherein Paul is giving examples about how Christians are to use their own spiritual gifts. Some of these gifts, on the surface, may not even appear to be overly supernatural - but they are! Jeff takes intentional time to talk about the proper use and the potential misuse of the gift of prophecy. This episode will increase your hunger to know your gifting from God and to use it in deliberate ways that bring Him glory and bring solid help to those around you.   Topics: prophecy, leadership, giving, serving, teaching, exhorting. More resources from Jeff Lyle are available at Reference: Romans 12:6-8