Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Speaking Gifts & Serving Gifts

Released December 17, 2020 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


The Apostle Paul was not the only writer who addressed the gifts of the Spirit. In his first letter, the Apostle Peter laid out some important, yet simple, spiritual guidance about the charismata (Holy Spirit gifts). Peter breaks down the gifts into two categories to help us better understand how the gifts are used. These two categories are 1) speaking gifts and 2) serving gifts. In this episode, Jeff unpacks Peter's instructions and calls the listener to once again consider how and why God the Spirit has gifted him/her for ministry. You have spiritual gifts! God has given them to you to glorify Him, fulfill your personal ministry assignment and to serve the Body of Christ with what you have been given. This is an extremely encouraging and empowering episode because it once again highlights the Kingdom reality that every Christian is profitable to what the Lord is doing in our generation.   Topics: prophecy, leadership, giving, serving, teaching, exhorting. More resources from Jeff Lyle are available at Reference: 1 Peter 4