TONGUES: Avoiding Two Extremes

Released December 31, 2020 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


How did the gift of tongues become so controversial? Why is it that things can get awkward (or even heated!) when this topic arises among sincere Christians who view tongues differently than one another. One segment of the Body of Christ may have an issue with overemphasizing the importance of tongues. The other side of the aisle may tend to cause confusion by undervaluing or even dismissing this gift. Here are the two extremes we all must avoid: showing off tongues and shutting down tongues In this episode, Jeff calls both Charismatics and those who do not believe in the gifts of the Spirit to take a fresh look at what the Scriptures say about tongues. We all have room to grow (or grow up!) when it comes to this gift. We cannot allow tongues to be the defining issue of who we are in Jesus. Neither can we afford to measure others by this one spiritual gift. God gave all of the gifts to unite us and help us build up the Body of Christ. Anywhere a spiritual gift is used to divide Christians, it is not the activity of God.  How do we come to discern if we are rightly using the gift of tongues properly? It is all spelled out in the Word. From the Word of God we can avoid the two extremes of the gift of tongues. This episode will help you to personally grow in your attitude and activity surrounding the gift of tongues. Reference: 1 Corinthians 14